First of all a legal assessment of the situation – is it possible, in principle, to recover the debt. Immediately say, that I only work in the legal field.

The negotiations have stalled. Or the other party is not talking to them at all. There's only arbitration.

So, as it happens: You come to me with this problem

  • Analyze the situation, assess how the case is winnable. Let me explain, sometimes it seems you are right 100%, but the law is unfortunately on the side of "foe". And not to waste Your money and also your time and reputation must be sure that to go to court.
  • Make a statement of claim or an objection to the claim, prepare all the necessary materials to conduct the proceedings in bankruptcy court.
  • Further assist in the interaction with the Federal Service of bailiffs. As a rule, if counterparty "scores" on its obligations under the contract, the decision of the court he is in no hurry to perform.

Categories of cases considered in Arbitration courts:


Economic disputes:

  • The recovery of debts.
  • Disputes connected with conclusion, alteration or termination of the contract.
  • Recovering lost profits.
  • The recovery of damages.
  • Protection of the rights of the owner.


Administrative disputes:

  • Appeal against decisions of tax authorities.
  • The appeal of decisions of state bodies and bodies of local self-government.
  • Disputes on bringing to administrative responsibility.

If You are in a difficult situation, call me at the numbers listed below and I'm sure we will be able to solve Your problem.


Your lawyer Ponomarev Alexey Sergeyevich

Customs gives good, unfortunately, this phrase from the movie White sun of the desert for a long time sounds different in people. And for good reason. The imperfection of our customs laws is obvious in the first place for the customs officers.

This overestimation of the customs value, the wrong classification of goods, refusal of benefits, supposedly, violation of customs regulations and as a consequence "administrativka".

Let me remind you that the sooner You contact a specialist, the more chances that You will retain the goods and will not be penalized.


Your lawyer Ponomarev Alexey Sergeyevich

As the famous quotation from the novel "Anna Karenina" by L. N. Tolstoy's "All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way", and in family law - there are no two identical cases, each problem is unique in its own way.

No one would argue that one of the main resources of any business is the people, the employees.

I will not describe all the details of the verification procedures of the counterparties.

A huge number of problems can be avoided just after a legal review of the contract, before signing. In my practice, there was a case of contract review-a contract. The lawyer of the opposing party wrote a bunch of paragraphs, writing that it would be optional. The conditions spelled out in them and so are guaranteed by law. Thus, a lawyer "hackneyed eyes," my clients – diverting attention from the important point – the responsibility for obtaining raw materials. The contract I fixed it. But the Trustee later abandoned the work with the contractor. How you can work with the businessman, if he starts to cheat and cheat in the beginning?

And how many people came after an emergency, when the contract is signed and make a difference in the difficult times? I even cannot calculate.

But there are situations when the law referenced in the contract says one thing, and in this judgment is quite another. And the Treaty changes the meaning to the opposite.

Conclusion: do not be like the "man" who waits for the "thunder clap" or "lay a straw" immediately.

If You face the question - check the contract or not to test – just ask yourself – "am I ready to risk N-sum, lose time and money"? If not, but call and I will help You.


Your lawyer Ponomarev Alexey Sergeyevich


Tax law is a sub - branch of financial law of the Russian Federation. About tax law written more than one volume in the legal literature.

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