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Unfortunately, from time to time have to communicate with officials. This is a special category of people. They are very busy, they are paid too little patch and most of them hated the visitors, which only adds to his work, for which they paid such a small salary. But You're not to blame for the fact that the employee of budgetary sphere chose such a difficult profession.. (here insert what specializiruetsya institution) of serving people. So, how to talk with the officials and get them to do their job:
1) Their claims are ALWAYS processed in writing. First, talk to the official. (Among them there are lots of decent people). If the negotiations nor to no avail – to give a statement (according to the law the official is obliged to answer it). If the officer agreed to help, but did give a statement. Today he agreed, and tomorrow will find a thousand reasons to deny You. The application must be in duplicate. You can write by hand. It is important that Your copy was a stamp of acceptance.
2) If the bureaucrat denies You ALWAYS say the magic phrase "on a legal act You are referring to?". In 90% of cases it causes stupor. If the officer did not panic and still justified the refusal - check – "Google" see "the Guarantor", etc.
3) Any negotiations can be considered in three dimensions: past, present and future. As a rule, communication with bureaucrats rarely goes to the third plane, forever remaining in the past, often in the present. You also need a positive future. So, if You see the talks at an impasse - boldly say, "who can solve this issue?". That is, you don't speak directly about the complaint to your superiors – You put it in the plane of the future. This technique is often triggered.
Of course, the intricacies of the negotiations much more. But it is basic – a necessary minimum.
Sincerely, Your lawyer
Ponomarev Alexey

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