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In my youth, I received wise counsel – "Pay attention to details. Always pay attention to the details. Detail says more than anything." And this Board helps me in life. Always try to notice a detail which characterizes the person or the event in General, allowing you to see the point.

Yesterday with the client, go to the notary. In the reception level range of chairs. Everything is clean. In the corner is a newspaper stand. And on the wall stand with children's drawings. To children it was not boring to wait, they have albums and pens. We were coming out of the Secretary and immediately clarifies the purpose of the visit.

 - Unfortunately, we now cannot execute documents, can I put You down for the next day at 18.00 PM, - meets girl by looking at the schedule.

- How will come the closest customer? – ask. – What are the odds, that they don't come?

Then the girl calls to the customer.

- Sorry, nothing I can do to help, now comes the client, but can sign You up for the day after tomorrow.

We politely refuse and leave. Come to another notary. Under the guise of a sign - the entrance to the notary from the yard, road, code. Find. Entrance. All dirty. Go. The people sitting behind the Desk. Answered reluctantly. Had to spend a few minutes to just figure out which door to queue. While waiting for the queue to notice a sign on the door "ENTRANCE," which was adapted from the sign "Exit", taped the letter "S". Shabby stands and hanging at the corners of calendar for 2017

In one office all painted for the next two days, and in the other... there is a desire at once to leave. And how simple children's drawings on the stand or hanging a compassionate poster.


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