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The title of the post, of course, so not it is of hemorrhoids, not from sexually transmitted diseases. There was another version of "how to please "figurista"" and "why lawyers leave." But the first is tasteless, like a piece of foam, and from the second emanates very very something not good. So of the three evils had to choose the lesser. But, the preamble is delayed.

In fact, post: goes to me my friend, a very talented young lawyer. Despite 25 years – a seasoned Aristide. And he said - "you Can congratulate me when I applied for retraining in a year I will be a teacher. Farewell to the courts and clients. Long live sport, sport and exercise". (he's a professional athlete).

- Unexpectedly, - I say.

Okay, and then you all not tired? the question is the future Makarenko.

Further as in the joke:

And what did You say?

- Answered evasively.

- What does that mean?

- Sent in Fig.

And it's not an isolated case, when a successful and competent lawyers (in life not always, these concepts converge in one person) throw practice. From the side everything is fine. And how actually?

1) Workload. In fact, such things as Your lawyer another twenty. It just seems that 100 Tr for "two pieces of paper and once on the court to go" is a lot – it can last as six months or several years. The Russian justice system is cynical in its unpredictability. So 100 tons can easily turn into a pay-5 tons per month. You write all the time: complaints of inaction or unlawful actions of officials, law enforcement, etc. You write objections and appeals. The lawyer's job is 80% writing and reading materials of the case and legislative changes. So if you work honestly, you have no output. Plus a chronic lack of sleep.

2) Phone. Almost all lawyers hate their phone. Not brand, of course. Many, it is a good model) Every client calling 2-3 times a day, ideally. In fact, some customers can call several times a day. There is a particularly interesting comrades, who check every step in consultation with the free Internet "figuristoj". Some who in childhood was told that to call after 21.00 indecent, can easily call at 23 and happily say, "what I thought". I want to draw an analogy with the doctors. Prescribed You doctor treatment, and You call him every day – and I've read on the Internet)). Interestingly, You doctor will answer.

And not to pick up the phone the lawyer IS NOT ENTITLED – what if You got into trouble and You need to save.

3) the Courts. The attitude of judges and their assistants to lawyers multi-volume works to write. Difficulty with the definition of the genre, but not the essence. The unpredictability of the court. Sometimes the solution depends on which foot the judge got up in the morning. Recently, a lawyer friend lost a 100% win case. By his decision the judge violated not only the law, but also logical. Of course there is a judicial practice, although officially we do not have case law. But no honest lawyer will not tell You what I will win with 100% certainty. And tell You such nonsense any fraud. And now the question - to whom will You go? Besides, who said that you will win 100% or the person who guarantees any or not? I will respond to the second You go, but after the cocky lawyer - stupidity or malice, will lose the first instance. But that's a separate issue.

4) And most importantly – the system of Russian justice. The main problem is the inability to "reach out" to the judges. To complain about the actions of the de facto one. Here and there on YouTube video of sleeping during the trial judges. And confusing judicial decisions, as a funny anecdote, if these decisions were not people and did not cry in the truest sense of the word. It is, in General, special feeling when you work out at 110 %, we can say over our heads. But the system is the system. And the client looks at you and says – Well, how so? This is probably the most difficult in the practice of law.

Now fat plus, which negates all of the above cons-complexity. Plus it's called gratitude. Not what is written in the contract. And when you get all this and pulled a seemingly hopeless cause. The client ceased to believe and all, suddenly said thank you. And it is clear that thank you is sincere. And you know – there is justice in the world. It is worth to work.


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