To the legal profession did not come immediately. Was I, like the vast majority of the period "romanticism", when I really wanted to reconcile all people. Institute of mediation (conciliation procedures and mediation, speaking not legal terms) in Russia, did not exist. But I wanted to become a mediator. And once I was lucky - was able to communicate overseas with this pick. He told me that If you want to be a good mediator, you need to study law and psychology. So I went to law school and psychological faculties. To study at two faculties at once, and in a public school, it is still fun. But I did it. Started to work and with surprise understand what to put up we the people do not want. He was not accustomed to put up. 99% of people want "blood". I tried to reconcile, but was surprised to find that the negotiating concept of a "win-win", as much developed in the Harvard in Russia is simply not working. People are more willing to "put up" under the pressure of circumstances, for example: the criminal case or seizure of property by bailiffs. Very quickly the period of "romanticism" was held. And now I just help people while working as a lawyer.
Of course, the experience of a psychologist, obtained during training will not go away and a portion of cases are dismissed before trial, to the delight of my clients. The judicial system in our country is very slow. Again, "justice" and "lawful judgment" concepts are not synonymous. Therefore, in the forefront I put the solution of problems of the client, not win in court, which might never mean.

Sincerely, Your lawyer Ponomarev Alexey Sergeyevich



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